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7 life lessons from Game of Thrones that ACTV powered by 05Media already applies

With season 7 over and the prolonged waiting for season 8, we couldn’t help but wondering what’s left from the Game of Thrones frenzy. Yeah, we felt revenged by the death of Little Finger, we were touched by Danny and John’s romance and we were once again intrigued by Cersei’s betrayal. But what’s really great at GoT is that beyond facts, one can actually learn something useful. Here are 7 things from Game of Thrones that can be applied in life and ACTV powered by 05Media app can help you with:

 Fortunes can change in a sec

For both John Snow and Cersei Lannister things have been a roller coaster over the last two seasons.  From death, either their own or that of their immediate family members, and imprisonment, to back to becoming King of the North and Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.


We know it’s hard to believe, but with ACTV powered by 05Media, you get to choose your own luck. You’re probably freaking out about the annoying commercials popping up everywhere? Download ACTV powered by 05Media. You can watch ads only if you want to and, you won’t believe this either, but you can be rewarded with points or coupons for your heroic act. Oh, did we mention that also interacting with the content and being an active member of our community can also mean a reward for you?


No one can do it on their own

When you’re facing multiple challenges, to go for it alone it’s suicidal. It’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help, especially in areas where you are not particularly strong.


Well, we always knew that, but it’s a good thing Game of Thrones reminded us. It’s the reason why we’ve created a powerful Social Interactive Network where you can always stay in touch with your friends. Chat with them, watch the same videos even if you’re apart, invite them to a group or an event, share impressions and most of all have fun. Because friends shouldn’t be there only when you’re down, fun is not fun without them either.

Take one challenge at a time

There will always be lots of challenges and opportunities, and you need to be able to assess and prioritize them. Which one should you take first? Jon Snow knows that the Lannisters can attack from the South, but he is aware that the most immediate threat comes from the North.

top stories

But how can you tell what the challenges are in the modern world? Breaking news! We’re all eyes and ears and we know everything that moves on this planet. And we share it with you in Top Stories. Because information is power!

With the right tools, even a small player can achieve big things

You don’t always need a massive army to achieve your goals. Just look at Tyrion. He won’t take the throne, but he’s always the King/Queen’s hand. And he is always one step ahead, although he does enjoy distractions sometimes… 😀


Do the same, be like Tyrion. Take the app and use it as you please. ACTV powered by 05Media provides you the perfect tools to make user experience as personalized, relevant and valuable as possible. Watch live content, join a fan-club, create or answer an interactivity, group-chat with your friends, and why not do it all at the same time. Because that’s how we do it these days!

Don’t forget the information

Information on its own is just data. Make it count and transform it into knowledge.


You can do that with just one tap. Just choose what you want to see from a library of videos, grouped in specific categories. Watch them now or later, ask for recommendations or suggest one to your friends. We’ve got you covered no matter where you are or what device you are using!

Don’t fight on too many fronts

When you fight on too many fronts, resources grow thin and you can get distracted.

Make your life easier and save time and energy. I’m sure your phone knows exactly what we’re talking about. You no longer need an app for every action you take in your digital life. ACTV powered by 05Media has it all in one place. Download it and give it a try!

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Get a Dragon

Do we need to say more? If ACTV powered by 05Media doesn’t work for you, a dragon is your only hope!

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