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A whole new level of insight on consumer behavior

Gain consumer insight by using our powerful artificial intelligence system with algorithms for real-time data collection across all channels. Our features allow you to explore viewing and consumption habits, levels of engagement, view times and patterns, other content they’re watching, reactions to plot and characters, etc. Not only that, you can create exciting polling stations, informative quizzes, weighty betting zones and find out first-hand how viewers respond and interact with your content.

Advanced analytics. Data driven businesses

Having a profitable business demands market research, but that only gets you so far. To make consumers choose you from all your competitors you have to know something they don’t. Using an integrated data-driven approach to customer insights, together with a powerful algorithm of data collection and analysis, we can lead your company towards brand differentiation.Get to know your customers, their preferences and their habits; turn data into valuable insights and optimised customers experiences.By using our ground-breaking technology that is both efficient and cost-effective, analytics is made simple.


Gain Consumer Insight through 05 Media’s Social Interactivities

TV networks are now able to strategically use 05 Media’s social interactivities to gain information regarding prominent viewers, fan habits, demographics, top terms, brand affinity, trending topics. Networks can set up polls, quizzes, voting stations and betting games related to any TV program –before, during and after airing– in order to obtain detailed and precise information with profound depth.


Analyze Viewer Response based on Social Media Interaction

As a result of having a built-in comprehensive and integrated Social Interactive Network (SIN) as well as an array of interactive features available when viewing a show, 05 Media offers networks the possibility of analyzing viewer response to TV programs. By measuring social activity revolving around a particular TV show (comments made, messages, polls, quizzes, zap and clap meter and bets), networks can now analyze the impact their show is having on viewers around the world.


Generate Advertising Possibilities by Engaging Suitable Consumers

With 05Media, users can choose the ads they want to see (and are rewarded for doing so), thereby guaranteeing their interest in the advertised product or service and eliminating the risk of ad campaign failure. By using data collected from the 05 Media platform, TV networks can now connect brands with the consumers that have had at least one if not repetitive engagement with their brand, subsequently fostering brand loyalty and increased sales. In addition, networks can profit by enabling brands to grow audience, engage potential consumers and drive earned media by providing them with real-time data.

05Media's AI solutions for your advantage

Acquire customer behaviour insights on the exact aspects that interest you – by creating and adding interactivities to your content in the form of voting & polling, questions, quizzes, betting. Access powerful infrastructure and algorithms for real-time data collection across an array of connected devices. Gain advanced analytics over content consumption access and patterns (location, time, device, behaviour).
A core component of today’s broadcaster’s toolbox is customer experience.
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