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Leveraging your legacy content portfolio or launching new media projects – at the right audience and in a fashion that meets their needs and expectations – can seem intimidating, both in terms of costs and technological capabilities.

Bringing together the latest technological capabilities and the best-in-class features of the digital telecoms industry, 05Media has all the ingredients in making of successful offering – an innovative multi-platform content delivery ecosystem that will put game-changing efficiency in the hands of content creators worldwide.

Harness the power of next generation TV

Rich & interactive watching experiences - anytime, anywhere

You can now take advantage of the capabilities offered by the OTT technology and directly compete with the super platforms and the biggest players in the industry; grow revenues by experimenting a new monetization model that reduces distribution costs and maximizes your advertising revenues; accelerate customer acquisition and reduce churn by providing a rich and interactive watching experience, anytime, anywhere, across an array of connected devices, and many others:


Everything old is new again – your solution to long-lasting content that never goes old

Bring a “new look & feel” to your legacy content with a powerful built-in set of interactivity tools from 05Media, featuring smart content interaction solutions, innovative ways of personalizing the viewing experience, fast and simple interactivity creation and management, and many others.

Designed in the form of Voting & Polling, Questions, Quizzes, Betting, Rating, Drawings, etc activity types, users can dive deep into the content and interact in real time with it, as well as with the other users of the community, based on the interactivities you have created.


Achieve growth by adopting a more Agile and Cost Effective operating model

The dynamics of the television market has exploded from an ancillary function, with many players and multiple interdependent revenue streams, towards a decentralized operating model focused on customer experience at every touch point.

Grounded on the latest trends set by the new digital consumer, and the challenges faced by the telecoms industry, the 05Media content delivery model has all the ingredients you need to capitalize on existing assets, generate new revenue streams, and become a winner in this exciting industry.


Grow your existing audiences and maximize customer retention

There is no doubt that today’s consumers are the real kings and queens of the market,deciding what products are made as per their convenience,needs and desires, and, consequently, to which one they’re going to hand the success.

As customer experience emerges more clearly than ever as the most exciting opportunity and market priority, 05Media provides you a powerful operating system and a comprehensive range of solutions built around the most important millennial customer touch points. All the solutions we provide are designed to enable you to meet the rising market expectations and tap large subscriber base, at the same, or lower costs.


Simple & Effective Media Content Management and Delivery – control your presence, brand, and customer experience

05Media provides an innovative over-the-top video content delivery solution, together with a comprehensive integrated feature-set designed to enable simple and efficient video content handling throughout the entire content lifecycle: storage, management, delivery, customer-based personalization, and data analysis.

The solution allows content creators enjoy complete control over their work. Using a unity operating system solution that integrates the entire set of functions in one consistent interface, the 05Media offering gives users access to the whole management and delivery options, while also allows them the flexibility to use the exact features and solutions that fit their unique goals and needs.


Maximize customer engagement by leveraging the power of social interaction

While social and customer engagement are now the top Internet activities and a prerequisite for every successful brand, 05Media offers you a comprehensive range of interactivity features designed to help you become an enabler of social interaction who drives measurable strategic impact.

From innovative ways that facilitate interaction among watchers, to new features and strategies that allow yourself to develop a direct relationship with your customers, as well as powerful solutions that enable viewers new ways of interacting with the content, we’ve got you covered.


Turn data into valuable insights and optimize customer experiences

05Media addresses the challenges of creating an excellent customer experience journey, with a data-driven solution that monitors customer behavior across all channels and all stages of content lifecycle.

Using powerful algorithms of data collection and analysis, together with a strategic approach to customer insights, we offer our partners the exact data and consumer insight they need in order to optimize customer experiences and capitalize.
A core component of today’s broadcaster’s toolbox is customer experience.
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