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Build around a dynamic advertising system

Attract advertisers’budgets and grow your digital video business with new revenue

Attract more investors with an instant silent promotion system that enables the audience to choose whether they want to check advertising materials or not, and get rewarded if they do it. Insert ads, showcase your sponsors, publish deals, and maximize engagement without spamming your audience.

Get the right ad in front end of the right audience

Why 05Media Advertising Tool?

Attract more customers

Expand your business by entering in a new world of OTT technology. Using an integrated approach to customer experience, our solution brings together all the elements provided by the OTT technology and deploys them harmoniously in order to separate yourself from your competitors.

Reach the right people at the right time

 Strategic marketing at its best – our advanced ad solutions replace the linear system with a technology that delivers targeted ads to your viewers in real time.

Measure Performance & stay in control of your campaigns

 Receive your daily dose of reports or access the analytics’ dashboard for real-time insights.

What do you get with 05Media Advertising Manager?

Flexible monetization options

Gain full control over your content and start monetizing upon it right away. Whether you opt for a subscription model, a pay-per-view system, or take advantage of a dynamic and interactive advertising system that rewards user involvement, Advertising Management Tool offers plenty of revenue opportunities, no matter the business model.

Integrated marketing tools

Generate additional revenue and unlock new value by making use the latest capabilities in the media marketing field. Attract advertising partners willing to buy into your content with a complete suite of integrated marketing solutions that allow you to create and insert ads and coupons in real time, name and assign sponsors, insert deals and keep track of marketing campaigns – all within the same platform.

Instant ad insertion

Benefit of instant ad insertion on the channel of your choice, even on live streams, in order to attract advertisers and monetize. Strategic marketing at its best with our advanced ad solutions that replaces the linear system with a technology, where you can suggest specific ads to your viewers while they’re watching your content.
A core component of today’s broadcaster’s toolbox is customer experience.
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