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Turn viewers into leads and leads into customers

Capture the user’s attention with Deals

80% of consumers are value-seeking shoppers, self-described as “promotion sensitive”. So it’s clear that everyone likes getting a good deal, but it’s not always easy to get the right deal in front of the right audience, at the right moment. Imagine that while users are watching their favorite show, they can also see deals related to the content so that their active viewing will turn into real-time purchasing. Our platform was designed to allow deals to be linked to any media content, so that viewers who are interested in making a purchase can easily find details about current deals.

Boost sales by leveraging your deals

Turn online interest into in-store purchase

Our advertising solution can help you to easily manage and create the right promotion. Make the most out of your Deals:

Choose the Discount that Fits your Product

05Media offers the possibility to create the deal with ease by simply choosing the discount value.

Promote your offer

Promote your deal and choose the placement based on your audience preferences.

Take the guesswork out of advertising

Online advertisers – in particular those with physical retail presence – have long complained about the difficulty of measuring the all-encompassing value of online marketing. Advertising Management Tool closes the gap between online and offline activity. 05Media keeps track of how many users clicked on your online Deal, so that now, you can better measure your ROI.

Take Control of your Campaigns

Putting up a deal with a site for online offers can be quite a hassle. Some of the biggest complaints are the very high cost and lack of control over your deal once it launches. 05Media Deal Ads serves as a great alternative to the specialized sites, letting advertisers enter the promotion market through the familiar deal templates. You can edit, delete, pause or measure your campaign’s performance any time – now you have TOTAL control over your deals.

A core component of today’s broadcaster’s toolbox is customer experience.
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