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05Media is a unified platform that offers a fusion of features and solutions covering the value provided by cable TV, VOD, broadcasting, social networking, fan clubs, etc. and makes all features easilyaccessible via a single intuitive application.

Regardless the business industry, we help our partners streamline operations and minimize costs by giving them access to a Unity OS solution that provides one consistent interface for all content and functionalities of the platform.

Control your presence, brand and customer experience

With 05Media artificial intelligence based platform, you have only one place to turn for all of your operational and market positioning needs. Empowered with a comprehensive set of features, the 05Media platform is a one-stop-shop for every business prepared to evolve media content delivery and provide memorable customer experiences that meet the needs of the modern digital consumer.

Our solution brings together a turnkey set of capabilities designed to offer everything your business could possibly need – from media content management and distribution, ad placement and management, revenue and subscription management, analytics and detailed customer insight data, etc. Not only, our system is designed to offer our business partners efficiency and agility. Consequently, we integrate all of your operations in one consistent interface that covers all content and set of features of the platform, so that you will always be in control of your presence, brand, and customer experiences.

Meet the features. Imagine the possibilities

Content management & distribution

Empowered with a robust set of content management & distribution features, 05Media platform enables businesses to carry off their in-house activities and serve their audiences more efficiently than ever before. Effectively manage all your media content with a powerful built-in set of features designed to support an endless library of content as well as any type of media.

We guarantee you simple and efficient video content handling throughout the entire content lifecycle: collect and store your media files in one player, create playlists, build your own line-up and broadcasting schedule, or stream yourself live from any device. Deliver content over-the-top using 05Media’s end-to-end cloud-based media/TV operating system. Distribute your media content anytime, wherever your audiences are, across an array of devices.

Advertising & promotion management

Promote your campaigns by making use of new highly interactive and targeted advertising formats solutions and an innovative user participation rewarding system that motivates them to interact with your ads. Manage everything from ad placement, analytics, advertising revenue and billing etc. using a powerful built-in promotional management feature.

Analytics & customer insight data

Acquire customer behavior insights and big data analytics using our powerful infrastructure and algorithms for real-time data collection across all channels and all stages of content lifecycle. Get the exact customer behavior insights that your company needs by creating strategic interactivities to your campaigns in the form of voting & polling; betting, etc. on the exact aspects that you need customer behavior data.

Subscription & revenue management

Handle your revenues and subscription management with a unified toolset featuring subscription management solutions, payment processing and electronic billing that provides you a digital operating solution that eliminates paperwork and helps you to manage subscribers, devices and networks more efficiently. We also facilitate the management of all the promotional activities involving coupon and deals administration. Using a digital operating solution that eliminates paperwork, we offer consumers an electronic coupon utilization solution, and our partners a simpler way of keeping track of their promotional campaigns efficiency.

Interaction & Socialization

Moving from engagement to real brand loyalty is one of the most important aspects businesses need to focus on. With a new approach towards customer engagement, 05Media offers a complete set of solutions designed to offer you better ways of using social conversations to stay in touch with audiences and enhance lead scoring:

Interactivity features: Provide your audiences rich and interactive experiences by adding to your content smart interactivities in the form or Voting and Polling; Betting; Rating; etc. to enable them interact directly with your content and one with another.

05Media Social Interactive Network: Increase social discoverability by taking advantage of the built-in social network that allows users socialize, share channels and content, and seamlessly interact with other social networks.

Fan clubs: Develop long-lasting relationships with your customers by taking advantage of a whole new concept and execution of fan clubs communities.

A core component of today’s broadcaster’s toolbox is customer experience.
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