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Unlock a whole new world of connectivity

Customer experience emerges more clearly than ever as the most exciting opportunity and market priority. In response, we provide you a feature-rich platform that offers your audiences a great social place where they can connect, inform and have a great experience.

Enable them to watch their favorite materials together as if they were in the same room – with seamless text and video chat; connect with friends worldwide – through instant chat messaging, share experiences over a group video call and much more. This means that your audiences will engage more, and watch more.

When technology provides people powerful AI features- A new world of connectivity opens up

A great customer experience happens within a sticky ecosystem environment that guides interactions and then triggers highly personalized and engaging experiences. With an integrated suite of features especially designed to facilitate interaction among watchers, 05Media offers you the best solutions to keep your audiences close, foster loyalty and reduce churn.

Provide your audiences valuable content together with remarkable personal experiences that make a difference at the bottom line. The 05Media watching experience runs deep.

Meet the features. Imagine the possibilities

Take over a powerful set of digital communication features

Provide your audiences rich and interactive watching experiences using an innovative built-in set of features made exclusively for digital interaction. From innovative ways that facilitate interaction among watchers, to new features and strategies that enable your viewers to express more easily, find people who relate to their ideas and make new friends, we have everything you need in order to offer meaningful and rich watching experiences in order to maximize customer retention.

Our aim is to enable our users to communicate effortlessly, anytime, anywhere, on any device of choice and for this we allow them to:

Connect with friends worldwide through instant one-on-one or group text chat messaging.

See their long-distance friends and talk with them via video calls.

Get all together and share their experiences over a group video call.

Easily upload and share fun pictures and their favorite videos, right in the chat.


Keep your audiences close with seamless video and text chatting

Involve and engage your audiences by providing them with the possibility to stay in touch with their friends and watch shows together though seamless video and text chatting. With this feature users will be able to enjoy their favorite content together with the ones they like as if they are in the same room, no matter the distance and miles in between them or the device they are using.

Bring fun and creativity inside your viewers’ messages

Dedicated to enhancing online conversations and offering your audience a unique way of expressing themselves, we bring you an innovative alternative solution to text chatting, designed to keep your customers engaged and happy.

This feature relies solely on visual elements and uses comic book drawings to build and send messages across. It is the equivalent of a library of predefined messages that show up as pictures which your audience can browse through and choose in order to express their thoughts more creatively.


Floating buttons to experience multitasking

In order to assure a seamless viewing experience, we provide our users a special feature designed in the form of a floating UI window. This feature serves as a shortcut for ongoing chat conversations and enables users to jump straight into the chat window without having to leave other features they are accessing at the moment. Provide your viewers a rich, multitasking experience together with the possibility to control effortlessly the activities they undertake.

Provide your audiences customized experiences

05Media takes interaction even further by providing your audiences with features especially designed to make their experience on the platform unique and meaningful:

Customize the elements and actions that define their presence here, as well as all the settings according to their needs and type of device they’re using.

Come back to check any details of their conversations by using the recording features.

Brighten up conversations and clarify potential issues more easily with the help of a comprehensive set of visual features.

A core component of today’s broadcaster’s toolbox is customer experience.
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