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Impact and scale made easy

Why not increase visibility, grow brand awareness and offer your fans something they’ll never forget in one simple, integrated, joined-up platform that is destined to change your company’s marketing strategy? Create your ads, name yourself as a sponsor, attract customers to your store, engage your viewers and keep track of marketing campaigns on just one artificial intelligence based platform designed to save you time and of course, effort. Do it all, in one place with one sign-on. Who said it can’t be easy?

Artificial Intelligence Based Advertising

To have real influence in today’s ever-changing era of mass consumerism, you need to master the art of convergence. Or let us do it for you. Online presence is a must, whether you’re a small corporation, a television network or a top brand and marketers generally agree that marketing efforts should be joined up and integrated. At 05 Media, we offer you the possibility of providing your customers with seamless marketing where users can interact with your brand and enjoy deals, coupons and other rewards for doing so. Because online traffic creates in-store rush hour.

Meet the features. Imagine the possibilities


Get the visibility you deserve

05 Media offers alternative advertising solutions for all types of event sponsors, ranging from media to in-kind and from location to financial sponsorship so that you can get the visibility and recognition that you deserve. Using our Sponsor tab, it is now possible to list yourself as an event sponsor for an existing event or to upload details about an event and then list yourself as a sponsor, ensuring that you don’t go unnoticed.

05 Media’s Sponsor tab allows you to add videos, logos, images and interactivities (such as stimulating polls, bets, quizzes) related to the event you’re sponsoring in order to achieve greater coverage and publicity. In addition, 05 Media’s users will be offered points and satisfying rewards for interacting with sponsors, enabling them to grow their brand image via a more personalized means. In addition, every event listed on our platform will link users right back to its sponsors own custom-made page, so that your discoverability is a few easy clicks away.


Strategic Marketing for an Online Impact

05 Media provides a robust advertising server that offers an alternative to traditional linear marketing for a more interactive consumer experience. Achieve scale and increase reach using our Ad tab where corporations can upload promotional video content at whatever given time of the day, to a diverse or strategic audience on whichever TV type offered by our platform (Live TV, 05 Media TV, VOD, etc). As a result, you can target a specific audience based on viewing patterns, demographics and a variety of other relevant data.

05 Media’s Ad tab gives corporations the appropriate tools and a digital strategy to effectively engage consumers in order to convert paid media into earned media quickly and efficiently. Our platform empowers consumers to participate in choice-based advertising and upon doing so, quickly share advertisements with their social media network, thereby engaging additional viewers. Right on your ads, users can comment, review, post interact and receive rewards for watching and/ or interacting with your advertisement so that their active viewing will turn into real-time purchasing. And we don’t stop there. 05 Media uses its detailed metrics to bring your ads to the right audience and influential brand fans so that your content truly influences your sales.


In the Deals tab, users can find deals for their favorite brands, available in stores or locations that are situated in close proximity. Additionally, they can also find deals that are available online or in other locations based on a detailed search engine. Our platform was designed to allow deals to be linked to the advertisements tab, so that viewers who are interested in making a purchase are able to find details as to where they can find stores offering particular brand deals and their end date.

For a definitively actionable marketing campaign, chain stores, shops and outlets can cross- link video content in the Ads tab to their particular profile to further advance the effectiveness of the campaign. Retail stores can also use video content to offer deals or coupons to attract potential customers to their location. In this way, brands fans not only see but can also find what they are looking for.


One click and suddenly your advertisements have scale and offer true relevance to 05 Media users, encouraging them to make fast and easy purchases. For this reason, we have created a Coupon tab where users can download coupons. Based on their accumulated points or on their engagement with your advertisement, users will be given the opportunity to buy something they love at a discounted price. Why not reward brand fans with something exclusive and tangible that will lead them to a significant purchase of your product or service?

Put “Click to get your coupon” and your ad is not actionable. Grow your fan base, brand image, SME or simply get more discoverable by adding a coupon option to an online advertisement. Who doesn’t love discounted stuff?

05Media’s solutions for your advantage

Converging online and offline sales- studies show that customers oscillate between buying online and buying in-store, often leaving a store to make the purchase online for a better deal or vice versa. With 05 Media, customers are given the tools to choose the most convenient and appealing method for them personally, so that finding a product and making a purchase is easy and flexible- for a great user experience and a lasting impression.

Social media creates traffic- 05 Media creates a space where users can make impacting reference regarding their favorite brands and ads. By liking, sharing and commenting on deals, ads and coupons, users are actually driving their networks to your online and offline stores.

Robust analytics made easy-it’s now incredibly simple to track who is viewing your ads, benefitting from your deals, using your coupons or finding I interest in your company. Social media metrics can now be measured using various tools on our platform so that you can find your brand fans and create customer specific strategies with minimal effort.

Bring your fans together- establishing fan clubs for your brand on your video content means you don’t have to search far and wide to find those who swear brand loyalty. 05 Media creates communities with people of varying demographics with one similar interest, You! Because there is power in numbers.

Develop relationships with brand fans-offer your fans the possibility of feeling appreciated for driving your sales. Using various interactivities to communicate with your fans, you can provide them a space to discuss what they want and where you listen. Reward them with generous deals and coupons or even invites to brand events.

Gain reach: 05 Media removes barriers as advertising is no longer limited to one space, one network, one country. Algorithms will make your ads visible to whoever, whenever, wherever might be a match as a potential brand fan.

Be Discoverable: Our platform allows you to search, find and be found. You can be found through searches, coupons, deals, sponsors, fan clubs, profiles, 05 Media TVs. And you can find customers through these same means so that it you’ll never have to guess where to seek out your target audience ever again.

A core component of today’s broadcaster’s toolbox is customer experience.
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