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Engaging customers. transforming business- 05media interactive AI

Grow your existing audiences and maximize customer retention by delivering great content and creating highly personal and engaging customer experiences. With a complete set of cutting edge features designed to elevate online interaction, and powerful technology-enabled strategies, 05Media offers you the winning formula for providing the best in class customer engagement. And it allows your audiences to interact with you like never before.

Unlock a whole new class of online interaction

Discover a new world of online interaction with a powerful built-in set of interactivity tools, featuring smart content interaction solutions and innovative ways of personalizing the viewing experience as well as increasing customer engagement. 05Media’s Interactive features are an innovative solution for companies to deliver rich, exciting watching experiences embedded within great content. This means that your audiences will engage more and watch longer. Designed in the form of Voting & Polling, Questions, Quizzes, Betting, Rating, etc interactivity features, this powerful set of AI based tools is designed to change completely the way audiences interact with you and your content. Add to your media a variety of interactivities and allow your audiences to interact with your content and one with each other. Find out their thoughts and requirements. Listen to social conversations and optimize customer experience accordingly. Boost engagement and keep the conversation going.

Meet the features. Imagine the possibilities


From fans and consumers, to active viewers and participants


Test your audience’s knowledge and insight related to your content and the aspects that interest you most with quiz-type interactivities. Challenge them with insightful questions and dares, and capture their interest in order to create better customer experiences at a scale.

Voting and Poling

Customer satisfaction starts with understanding consumers’ opinions and expectations. We can provide you a fairly exact analysis of your audience’s beliefs with the help of the Voting and Polling interactivities. Use this powerful feature to find out how your audience relates to your content or to other specific aspects you’re interested in, and identify the likely actions they are going to take in the future.


You now that right now people are talking about you and your brand. So how can you guide the conversation? Discovering opinions was never easier thanks to the Questions interactivity. Users can come at any time and speak their mind based on the interactivities you create, as well as find out how others relate to what they think and express.


Part of the 05Media Interactive, the Betting interactivity feature allows you to connect creatively with your customers and test their beliefs and sense of anticipation while creating highly differentiated customer experiences.


Using a 5 star rating system, you can now accurately evaluate not only the overall opinion of your audiences, but also assess specific aspects, characters and actions from any material your customers are watching.

Clap & Zap

We partner with you to bring out valuable consumer insight and help you improve customer experiences. Using the Clap and Zap interactivity feature you can find out in real time how your audience appreciates your materials and adjust them consequently.

So join the community, discover and test yourself our interactivity features, challenge your audience with insightful questions and dares – there are lots of ways to engage and get closer to them

Rich and rewarding user experiences

Engage your audiences with insightful interactivities and boost user interaction using our powerful rewarding system. We use a strategic gratification concept that gives your viewers points, coupons and access to the latest deals every time they interact with the interactivities you have created. This means that they will watch longer and come back for more.

Interactive TV

Keeping up to date with news was never easier and more fun

Gain visibility and enlarge your subscriber base using the 05Media Interactive TV solution. With this feature users don’t have to waste time searching for the latest trends and news in order to keep up with everything that happens in their community as well as all around the world. This is the place where they’ll find a regularly updated gallery of the most popular videos online, the latest breaking news and top stories in the world, as well as the hottest live shows and events.

By just browsing through photo sliders until a video catches their eyes, your audiences will be able to discover more easily the news that interest them and enjoy them in more ways they’d ever imagined possible. Enable them to get interactive by using the built-in set of interactivities. Add to your media a variety of interactivities in order to enable your audiences interact in real time with you and your materials, as well as the user community. Lead the conversation strategically by creating insightful interactivities and gain specific customer data by tracking their answers and activity.

05Media’s solutions for your advantage

Interact with your audience in a more personalized fashion and drive effective customer engagement, all this while using the same or less resources.

Deliver your customers distinctive digital experiences, from Web to mobile, from desktop to tablet, no matter the platform they are using.

Get relevant consumer insight and facilitate the measurement of your marketing impact, as users are now able to take direct and explicit actions when they see your materials.

Uncover the meaningful aspects of your campaigns, strategically lead the conversation using the whole range of interactivity features, and then track and optimize your marketing strategy based on how consumers have interacted with your materials.

Operate seamlessly through a user friendly and simple to use dashboard, designed to enable you manage everything from one single place. Create interactions, track customer feedback and engagement; get involved in the conversation, and improve customer satisfaction like never before.

A core component of today’s broadcaster’s toolbox is customer experience.
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