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Adopt a strategic approach towards effective marketing

Get ready to make your marketing campaigns stand out using a unique advertising solution that enables you to deliver your message to the right audience, generate engagement and develop credibility.

Reach customers no matter the device they are using with a clever ad placement system that replaces the linear TV ad approach; interact with your audiences using a built-in set of smart interactivity features that allow you to develop a direct relationship with them; take advantage of an innovative user participation rewarding system that motivates them to interact with your ads, and much more.

The 05media commerce formula - Highly targeted, contextual & interactive ads

In today’s multichannel world, high performance in business means building and capturing consumer value. Companies have to fuse innovative and deliver their clients compelling and meaningful experiences, through the right channel, at the right moment, in order to expand their reach and build sustaining relationships with their customers.

Now all of this is simpler than ever and ready to roll. With powerful, technology-enabled strategies, out of the box apps and amazing features, 05Media offers you everything you need to reinvent the way you operate your marketing campaigns and deliver results.

Connect with your customers in a personalized fashion, engage them more naturally, gather relevant consumer data and feedback, maximize the returns of your marketing investments, all while operating seamlessly through a swift, unitary platform.

Unleash the power of digital

Advertising becomes personal and omnichannel

05Media can help you harness the power of digital in order to increase your marketing performance and obtain a distinct competitive advantage.

Enhance your advertising strategies and results by making use of the new digital marketing capabilities that go above the linear TV advertising models and reach out your customers in more effective ways.

Reach your audiences whenever and wherever, no matter they are in front of their computers, using their smartphones, or surfing on their tablets.

Optimized for web-based presence, IOS and Android-based systems the 05Media platform can help you expand your reach by effortlessly delivering your campaigns to your audiences no matter the device they are using.

Get instant visibility among your target audience by making use of 05Media’s online time-shifting ad insertion system – a digital advertising solution that replaces the traditional, linear advertising techniques with dynamic, highly interactive and targeted advertising options.

Engaging customers. Transforming business

Unlock a whole new class of online interaction

At 05Media we have designed a social-multicasting platform that offers users the possibility to access an endless library of information along with the chance to express and interact with the content in a way they could never do before.

Moreover, we take interactivity to a complete new level, not only for the members of our community, but also for our business partners. We do this by enabling your company to take advantage of a full set of interactivity features.

They allow users to directly interact with your company’s advertising materials based on a set of interactivities you have created. Use them to connect with your audience in a more personalized fashion and drive effective customer engagement.

Add to your campaigns and materials interactivities in the form of Voting & Polling; Quizzes; Betting; Rating; Questions; etc. Watch how they respond, listen to social conversations and optimize customer experience accordingly.

Boost engagement, keep the conversations going and become an enabler of social interaction who drives measurable strategic impact.

Your ADS to the right audience

Go after your customers with highly targeted ads

Your advertising campaigns should be targeted toward your niche audience and placed in the appropriate media to ensure the cost-effective reach of your market. Our innovative ad placement solution provides you the ability to target your offers across a wide array of channels from all fields and topics, so that your ads will be relevant to the viewers’ needs.

At 05Media we provide you a variety of advertising placement solutions that assure you an excellent contextual targeting:

(1) Advertise your business campaigns, ads, deals or promotions within any of the TV solutions provided by the platform (05Media TV, Interactive TV, Live TV, VOD). Link them to the most relevant videos for your company and watch how your audience responds to the interactions you have created.

(2) On the same principle, your ads and deals will appear within the main correspondent Ads and Deals tabs from where users can directly access and interact with your ongoing promotional activities.

(3) Promote your business in the Sponsors section of the platform where you can support as a sponsor different events.

Rich and rewarding user experiences

Engage your customers with a unique user rewarding system

We offer you a powerful advertising solution that will free consumers from the current intrusive and annoying ads, and will help you connect with your audiences in more interactive and effective ways.

With our innovative ad placement system, your ads won’t ever appear while users are watching any piece of content.

We use a powerful ad rewarding system that gives them points, coupons, and access to the most attractive deals, every time they interact with your ads based on the interactivities you have created. Not only they won’t ignore or skip the ads, but they will chose to watch them.

Advanced analytics.
Data driven businesses

Get the exact data and consumer insight your company needs

Acquire customer behavior insights and big data analytics using our powerful infrastructure and algorithms for real-time data collection across all channels and all stages of a campaign’s lifecycle. With powerful infrastructure and advanced algorithms you will get access to a complete range of data regarding your customers’ behavior and content consumption patterns (location, time, device, behavior, etc).

Get relevant consumer insight and facilitate the measurement of your marketing impact, as users are now able to take direct and explicit actions when they see your ads.

You will get to know exactly how your audience responds to your campaigns and optimize the user experience accordingly.

By adding exciting interactivities (in the form of Voting & Polling, Betting, etc.) to your ads based on the aspects that you want to highlight or the information you want to find out, you will get to know in real time your audiences’ thoughts and lead the customer experience to a complete new level.

A core component of today’s broadcaster’s toolbox is customer experience.
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