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Evolving social networking: from digital communication to true interaction

Nowadays it’s not just about providing services as connections have become increasingly more crucial. Consumers interact each day with thousands of brands, services, and ads so they naturally can get confused. Avoid getting lost in the crowd; stand out and make a connection with you consumers. With our feature-rich social network, you can create a bond with your customers and give new meaning to the B2C interaction.

A forward-thinking multimedia social interaction network (SIN)

05Media offers an innovative built-in social network designed to offer you better ways of using social conversations to stay in touch with audiences, extend engagement and increase visibility.

No matter if it’s about an old service/ product or a brand new one, your business and your consumers will always enjoy a highly visual experience brought up by the multimedia format of our social network wall. By using this feature that enables interaction within the 05Media community, but that also allows the possibility to link to other social networks, users have the possibility to socialize, share channels and content, keep in touch with on-going events, and more.

Moreover, with an innovative set of interactivity features you are now able to involve your consumers in the conversation and encourage them to speak their mind by adding interactions (in the form of Voting and Polling/ Betting/ Quizzes/ etc.) to your posts.

Enjoy all the exciting features our social network provides and use them to strengthen your bond with your audiences and increase customer loyalty.

Company profile

Show off your brand individuality using a comprehensive set of features designed to help you build a strong presence within the 05Media community.


05Media is unique to other social networks in that the content being shared takes only multimedia format.

Keep your audiences up-to-date with the latest news and offer them a highly visual network experience enabled by the multimedia format of our social network wall.


Centered around a built-in set of interactivity features designed in the form of Voting and Polling, Betting, Rating, etc. we enable you to connect with your audiences on a more personal level by adding this type of interactivities to the materials you share.

Posts will appear on your wall as real-time status updates together with the interactivities you have created. Moreover, your audiences’ answers to the interactivities will instantly make their way onto the screen allowing you to increase social discoverability and stay better connected to your community.


Inform your consumers about future launchings, social events and new products launches using a feature specially designed for this purpose.

We’ve got you covered with everything from organizing and making it public, to managing invitations and promoting it.

Fan Clubs

We enable you to get closer to your audience and develop long-lasting relationships with them by providing a whole new concept and execution of the well-known Fan club communities.

Build your own Fan club based on the artificial intelligence system and keep your audience up to date with news, upcoming events and future releases. Reward your closest fans with access to exclusive materials and meet and greet passes. Discover yourself all the possibilities and transform your Fan club into every supporter’s dreamlike community.

Social Media

In order to help you increase social discoverability, our social network is designed to allow users link to other social media networks as well and perform multiple actions on different platforms with one single log in.

They can effortlessly customize their posts with engaging interactivities and share them with friends in other social networks too; receive notifications regarding the activity generated by their posts and much more.


05Media is home to an endless library of multimedia content that covers materials from all areas and topics, as well as all formats (photo, recordings, live stream materials). Using a comprehensive set of features, we made this the perfect place for your audiences to enjoy their favorite shows and channels and expand their passions.

n order to help them discover more easily the materials they like and enable you to increase visibility, our built-in channels feature allows them to access all the materials on the platform right from their social network. Organized on specific fields of interest, they can find here all the channels in one place: their friends’ channels, the ones created by other members of the community (05Media channels), and of course you own channel.

Put all this together with other exciting features and imagine yourself in the heart of a new communication landscape. Discover all the features and provide your audiences an amazing experience.

05media's solutions for your advantage

Communicate more easily with your audiences using a visual social media network. Stay on top of trends and make conversations around posts more entertaining by showcasing your stories and replies using materials in multimedia format.

Reach a wider audience and make interaction with your community more effective, personal and engaging by adding interactivities to your posts. Keep track of their responses and get involved in the conversation in order to get closer to them and build trust and loyalty.

Acquire customer behavior insights and big data analytics using our powerful infrastructure and algorithms for real-time data collection on customer behavior and content consumption patterns (location, time, device, behavior, etc).

Get the exact customer behavior insights that your company needs and facilitate the measurement of your business impact, as users are now able to interact in real time with your materials. Create strategic interactivities in the form of Voting & Polling, Betting etc., keep track of your audiences’ responses and optimize customer experiences accordingly.

Get closer to your fans and make your business stand out in the crowded competitive landscape using a comprehensive built-in set of features that allow you to interact directly with your fans, share channels and content, build a unique Fan club community and much more.

A core component of today’s broadcaster’s toolbox is customer experience.
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