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Extend your digital reach

With groundbreaking, built-in digital features that revolutionize the broadcasting world, 05Media presents an over-the top AI content delivery model offering limitless possibilities. Broadcasters can now provide seamless content to viewers around the world in the form of Everywhere TV, Live TV, VOD and many others, from a digital Unity OS dashboard.

Meet the features. Imagine the possibilities

Live TV

Your content. At their finger tips

As viewers become more demanding and cable cutting is increasingly more popular, 05 Media has developed an end-to-end streaming solution to satisfy even the most demanding consumers. Live TV allows viewers the freedom to choose what they want to watch and when they want to watch it with no cables attached.

With Live TV, viewers will have a seamless and customized viewing experience as they can personalize their subscription package and create a line-up with their favorite shows, meaning that they’ll never miss yours due to scheduling issues.

Live TV also allows viewers to interact with friends, create or participate in bets and polls while watching, thereby assisting you with gathering consumer behavioral patterns.

Our Live TV broadcasting solution keeps the user engaged and active – in accordance with new and emerging viewing trends- and empowers the content provider to give viewers the content they want, when they want it, so that they remain active and engaged.

05Media TV

The most intriguing content all in one place

05 Media TV intends that viewers have access to the latest and most popular materials on the web, whether they’re recorded, broadcasted or available on live stream, available on an intuitive and easy to use interface. The optimized search and filter options provide viewers the means to find the content they’re specifically looking for.

With 05 Media TV, broadcasters can effortlessly release their latest content as well as have it headlined yet never settle on anything less than high quality video streaming that is geared towards increasing visibility and building a strong consumer base.

This direct-to-consumer technology eliminates third party operators and allows content owners to become media broadcasters quickly and efficiently.


Users’ subscriptions, supercharged

Our VOD feature simplifies the content consumer’s life by offering the freedom to browse through a variety of platforms so they can find exactly what they’re searching for.

From Sport to Fashion, Education to Gaming, Health to Traveling, and the most popular media content to the highest rated videos of the day, 05Media is the place where users feel empowered to choose from endless options.

VOD gives our partners yet another means to increase their reach and upturn engagement by providing a seamless platform to distribute their content as well as high quality video experiences that answer today’s digital consumer demands.

With new and upcoming trends that aim to give power to viewers by allowing them to choose to stream online prior to theatrical releases, VOD provides solutions to filmmakers and content creators alike.


All things Hollywood: News, movies, celebrities and the hottest trailers

In O5 Media’s Hollywood tab, users will receive updates about the latest news in Hollywood and the world of television and movies. Here, users will be able to watch trailers for any film, whether it’s old time favorite or newest releases.

From movie showtimes in nearby theatres and summaries or critic ratings for upcoming films to red carpet interviews and the latest star sightings, this tab keeps users in the know for everything Hollywood.

Hollywood makes promoting videos and creating hype about upcoming movies easy for all filmmakers alike. Even before set release dates, Hollywood will get users talking through various interactivities, consequently increasing visibility and ensuring adequate promotion so you can increase your viewer base and dominate box office charts.

Our Hollywood feature will also provide you with powerful insight in regards to users’ interaction with your content, allowing you to strategically plan and forecast for release dates.


User plays producer

Now users who’ve dreamed about getting behind the camera are given the tools to broadcast events and experiences through their own personals lens. UBEAM is the place where breaking news and events can become accessible to the world, without producers or reporters spending significant revenue, if any at all.

Need up-to-date stories or recordings of the latest events? Look no further because UBEAM will provide your live news anchors with captivating shoot to enrich any newscast.

This is the place where raw and real footage will be released around the clock, available for use and re- use among friends and whoever else the producer decides to share video with.

05Media's solutions for your advantage

Empower your audience by providing them with the flexible viewing experience they’re looking for, enabling them to watch limitless content, anywhere they want on a wide array of devices just with Internet connection.

Offer your viewers the highest quality online streaming service, including Everywhere TV content, VOD, and Live TV. Because viewer satisfaction means viewer loyalty.

05 Media eliminates costly infrastructure. Our flexible and scalable offerings ease the burden of creating and maintaining complex servers, particularly back-end server infrastructure.

Reduce time-to-market. Our groundbreaking technology enables you to decide when to release your content and to provide viewers with adequate information regarding premieres, the latest releases, the latest news or whatever else is necessary to keep your audience engaged.

Promote and advertise in real-time. With our advanced ad solution that replaces the linear system, you can suggest specific advertisements or relevant sponsors to your viewers while they’re watching your content for strategic marketing at its best.

Connect with your viewers and engage your audience by using our variety of interactive features and a built-in social network. These allow you to post, quiz, challenge and inform in order to build a strong consumer base and ensure loyalty.

Benefit from our platform, which provides a unity OS interface that allows you to manage and deliver content, social network, manage subscribers and much more, all in one place. Simple, convenient and accessible.

A core component of today’s broadcaster’s toolbox is customer experience.
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